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Who knows something more about this projectile?I think its a 12" palliser but who knows what base fuse they used?Any info welcome and also drawings.

Thanks guys

Ive just been reading through the BRITISH treatise of ammunition 1877 and can find no mention of fuzes been used in the British palliser shells that are similar to yours.From what i can work out they contain a small charge in a bag which is held in the body by a plug.The shell explodes not by the heat of the fired shell but upon firing the powder charge sets back forming a solid mass,upon the shell striking this mass is propelled forward and pressed into the shell causing friction which tears open the bag igniting the powder..This is not a positive id and is based only upon what i could find ,and refers only to the british information held in this treatise.

Perhaps the shell and fuse are not related to a country of origin but to a manufacturer, shells of this age were quite often manufactured by the makers of the guns,so perhaps a look at some of the manufacturers records still in existince might pay? I know Armstrong made there own fuses and obviously others too,just a thought,Tony.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t