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Panzershreck Rocket


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Hi Chaps,
here are a few pics of a yet unfinished project(my pal still has the bloody tail section!).
We started to refurb it as it was a rusty bag-of -bollox on arrival and was due to rust into oblivion.
Cant find any pics of when it first arrived,so here is one after the first stage after de-rust and a load of `caulk`(i think thats how you spell it?)applied.
After a liberal dose of red primer paint.
The one on the right i gave to my pal for helping me out on my `shrek.

no pic,i will try again in a new post??
Hi wemme,:)

when the parts arrived from eastern Europe,i saw that they had already been in the fire to de-rust.A coat of rust-proofing paint,i then rubbed them down,filled with builders caulk and coated them in that red anti rust paint again.Im currently waiting the return of the tail section from a pal who is rebuilding it with metal filler.

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Getting very worried,
I phoned him today and some scottish bird answered his phone and said she had never heard of Frank before??
Time i went round and stoved the door in methinks!:secruity:

not happy

Hi weasel,

I went round and left a note through the letter box and heard nowt so far.
His neighbour says its nigh on impossible to get hold of him when he has a parcel to drop off!
Bloody ridiculous way to treat pals if you ask me?

Nowt like bumping an old thread!!

Well i came home today,found a package in the garage and i now have the tails for this unit at long last!

All i need is to get the round sprayed and stencilled.

watch this space! If Carlsberg ever made the longest restoration project in the world...etc. :p

Bumping with the returned unit at last!

Ok,here is the full deal with an inert detonator pictured too. Next up is correct colour codes and stencilling.




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