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Part Identified


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Yes you read it correctly Part Identified.
Earlier this week i took part in a job recce with work,and found what i thought may be the remains of a mine igniter,but did not know what type,Now the coincidence part and this is no bull.when i got home i had received a parcel of goodies from my good friend and forum member alex,inside was a pistol for the british Mk1 or Mk2 A/P mine ..Thinking it looked similar type striker in the relic part id found the same day ,today i retrieved the relic part and gave it a bit of a clean but it was too far gone to positive id anything so i cracked the remains open ,and yes its the same striker,Part now identified as pistol for a/p mine
time permitting tomorrow i will try to remove the good striker from the complete pistol and photo the two strikers together


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Hi Allan that igniter is a rare beast by itself well done.
Thanks Steve,,,ok heres a pic of the relic striker with the good one to confirm what it is ,


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