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Part mortar projectile ?


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I've just purchased this ornrmental, plated, part mortar projectile. Can anyone tell me what is was originally? I can't give any more info on it as it's in the post and I don't know if the postal strike will affect when it arrives.


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Fins definitely are from a mortar but the body/tail wall thickness looks too thick to be genuine. Maybe a bit of turned metal with the real fins added to make into an ornament/paperweight.
Without dimensions & better pics hard to call this one.
Good luck with the post!! Add some more pics & info when you recieve it.
Thanks for that Hicky,
I've not found any similar fins despite trawling the site and I agree about the case(?). All will be revealed when the Post Office let me have it.
Hello all,
The ornamental mortar arrived this morning. Here are some pics as requested, also one of an Mle 81mm training round which looks similar. Any more information gratefully received? (The case diameter is exactly 81mm).


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