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part of my collection- a bit untidy!


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a few of my cannon rounds
cheers Bob


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Hello !

Kahu 1 what a lovely collection !
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Please could you identify the short brass case on the right hand side half way up in the middle picture, it is the one with rebated rim.
Thank you.
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Yes, a very nice collection! A little bit of everything. The 20mm Jap rounds are particularly eye catching.
Hi Bob,
Very nice i agree with Hazord on the Japanese cannon rounds they look to be great condition. I have a bit of a soft spot for cannon rounds, thanks for sharing them with us.
Best regards Weasel.
Nice collection kahu1.
In your third photo (far right), you have a 20mm (I think) round with the shell painted all red. I have a similar one, unfortunately, I know nothing about it.
Do you have any info that you could share?


a few of my cannon rounds
cheers Bob
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Hi ,
The short rebated rim case is a cut down trench art 20 x124mm Jap case.i collected before i got the others thinking at least it was a start.

The red projectile Oerlikon round is (i think) an American HEI though the fuse is like white metal ,not brass.

Thnks for reply.

Thanks Kahu for the reply-trench art has a place in the world of collecting but why oh why must they always use rareish/rare items for it !!:tinysmile_cry_t3: