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Passchendaele Finds... May 2009


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Posting these photos for CampX...

Dean (CampX) is ex-Canadian Miliary EOD and has extensive experience disposing of and handling live munitions. All live ordnance shown in the photos was turned over to Belgian EOD Iron Harvest Teams for proper disposal

Dean will be able to elaborate more on these photos and how he came across them in a later post.

Great photos Dean, thank for sharing!


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Thanks Brad, I gotta learn how to post photos.
Well while walking the fields this year I was surprised how much is still found, these are only 3 of many photos I have of field found ordnance

All the live Ordnance I found was piled up in the proper places for pick up by the Belgium EOD teams

The large shell I am holding was given to me by the Farmer that owns Peter Pan Farm...as we did not speak the same language he had trouble understanding I could not take the shell home...later while walking his field he gave my girlfriend a live M 36 to take home!! It was also left behind
My girlfriends Great Grandfather was with the 52nd CEF and they started their attack at Peter Pan Farm

The Grenade I am holding in the photo was one of 2 I found in the ploughed fields

The shell in the field beside my foot had the complete fuse blown out and was empty..so I shipped it home and have cleaned it up.

There is tons of shrapnel in the fields..I picked about 10 lbs of it up and also sent it home.
That was my first trip to Europe..I met up with some friends I knew through the internet...I was given a bunch of dug up shells and a german helmet..all for free...I was given so much that I had to turn a lot down.

Even with the amount I turned down, I had to leave some clothes behind to fit in what I brought back.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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