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Pearl of my collection antiAircraft Training launcher


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its realy fantastic device


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:tinysmile_tongue_t: hi borman
its a beauty allright realy nice item
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hi borman :tinysmile_tongue_t:

do you mean you have three antiaircraft training launchers for exchange or something else ?
hi there :tinysmile_tongue_t:
so you have three grenades to trade .
i think postage to russia and from russia might be expensive
and i dont know if its legal ?
some other members will answer this ?
I taked from UK many grenades. Without problems.
I think about grenades - no problems. INERT - legal.

But training antiaircraftlauncher - (its realy training maket) i don't know. )))).
No!!! i dont whant to see TV show about scotland terrorist armystuff and his helper Borman from Russia ))))))))))))))))))
2 years ago,i bought a german mortar shell from a chap in Russia.
He then emailed me that some officials had nearly arrested him for exporting weapons although it was inert.
I was very lucky to get my money back and the poor seller was really shook up by the incident.
He said that they were trying to bribe him??

Hi all.
Please all be careful for launchers like the RPG, any rocket launcher and even panzerfaust's. They all come under Section 5 of the UK law and need a current UK deactivation doc from the proofhouse.
Now i didnt know that about the panzerfaust!
Thanks for the tip off as i was drooling over one last week.
Cant afford it mind you!

Beautiful SA-7 trainer, wish you could ship those to the US. Just out of curiousity, do you have SA-7 pouches or slings for sale?

Thanks for the pictures,
No!!! i dont whant to see TV show about scotland terrorist armystuff and his helper Borman from Russia ))))))))))))))))))

I have a feeling that an item that can be made live (Launcher) is not legal in the UK. The Police can arrest under the Firearms Act.

Please update me if this is incorrect...