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petard explosive charge packet?

Here are some pics of a box I recently bought made of cardboard coverd in waxed paper. I was told that it contained 1 explosive charge for the German WW1 petard grenades? any ideas? Dano P.S. Please excuse pictures as my camera appears to be a pile of crap!


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hi dano

Sorry dano i can not read whats written on the pack because of the picture quality but i can see thats German languade !!

May you can post the text here from the pack than i can translate it for you !!!

Regards David
writing on box

Okay dave here goes
Pic 2 - Verdammung erforderlich Inederen Ermangehing oder Einhullung der Ladung in Holz oder dergleichen

pic 3 - Loch vor Einfehrung der Sprengkapsel mit Holzstab durchstofien

pic 1 - (alll lettering hazy due to age?) 200 gr. Westfalli handahungssicerer
ammo saltpeter Sprengstoll

Again this wording is hard to read so some letters may be off

  1. Pic 2 Cover against hits required cover of the pack should be made of wood or a same material
  1. Pic 3 open the hole with a wooden stick bevore you put the fuze inside
  1. Pic 1 200 gr. Of Westfalli saefty usage ammo saltpeter explosive

Hi Dave, I can't thank you enough. I truly appreciate your effort. Translation makes sense even though I had to guess on several of the letters. Makes sense to me now. Thanks again..Dano
Thats a german WW1 period explosive charge package for Westfalit. Westfalit was a commercial explosives based on ammonium nitrate, some TNT, DNT and others which was used for mining blastings in coal mines for example. During WW1 it was bought by the military to be used for the "mine war". "Real" military explosive charges like FP 02 (TNT) you can always identify by labels with date, maker, LOT-numbers etc.