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Pics/WWII? M48 Trip Flare, Complete/ Question

Kilroy was Here

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Hello, pics of a nice new addition to the collection. I really do not collect flare trips, but looks like a WW2 M2 bounding mine, and was inexpensive.
A couple questions for other members & experts.

Was this M48 made in war time, or post-war? The body looks like it is WW2, and paint looks orig WW2 to me.

Was this M48 re packed at some point, post war? Is there a way to tell?

What does the black stenciling nomenclature mean? Detailed please. That stencil looks post war, and if inert, why all these parts pictured, and completeness?

The listing said it was empty, and inert. I emailed seller and he also said there was nothing inside of the tube. I check all ord I get carefully when I receive them, and I removed the cap to check it. It took a little convincing, and it has all the parts and bits inside. A nice extra. The small det looks suspicious to me :tinysmile_eyebrow_t any comments? What about that part?

Regards, Steve


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M48 Trip Flare/ More Pics

More pics/ M48 Trip Flare.



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Hi Steve. If you don’t collect flares, now would be a bad time to start. In the interest of trying to help you out, I’d be happy to take it off your hands:tinysmile_shy_t:. Very nice mate, well done,:congrats: Cheers Colin


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M48 Trip Flare/ More Pics

Hello Colin!! Not sure if I can ship this out of the US. I might sell it. I like the completeness of this M48 though. I have a couple M8's, and this would go with them well. It was inexpensive. I really just wanted the fuse off it, but now I look at it............

Forgot to post the pic of the shipping tube.

Any info on my questions?

Regards, Steve


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