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I just deleted the dug stuff on my personal page. I did not realize that dug ordnance was a no no also. I respect the forum's wishes, don't necessarily understand why but thats ok. There is alot of dug stuff that's been cleaned and painted etc. that's pictured on a lot of posts. I assume you are talking about the obviously dug rusty stuff etc.. Dano
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Dano thanks for abiding by the forum rules,what we do not want is people showing stuff getting dug up live or inert unless by people who are actually working or have worked in EOD Or explosive ordnance clearance.(ordnance approved members) We do not want bocn to be assosiated with people getting injured or worse killed by thinking its safe to go and dig stuff up because theyve seen others doing it on here,i know the laws on metal detecting /digging or collecting live ordnance are different worldwide,but here on BOCN we want our members/guests to be safe and that is why we put this rule in place
We are not the only ordnance site that has this ruling