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piece of fuze unknown


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Good evening,
I am new to this forum that I find wonderful. My knowledge is limited, excuse me, that is why I am especially satisfied me to ask for identification.
Here are two pieces that must be part of a fuse shells.
This is similar to the sockets boot fuse. But what fuse ?
Solid brass or bronze, although heavy.
Threading internal not end on 25mm.
The measurements are in millimeters, I do not know how to convert measures Anglo-Saxon.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

I am not sure about the size but it looks like the booster from the Dutch fuze No 16. They copied the fuze from a other country but I can't remember which.


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Good evening,

actually it looks very much.
It should be an owner of No. 16 measure the diameter of the bottom of the fuses and we should know ?
Thank you for your hypothesis