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please help ID this Brit Brodie helmet

This helmet was a "throw in" when I got my WW2 German police/fire helmet the other day. Looks like WW2 vintage and paint is black. If you'll notice the obverse of helmet has a white rectangle shape on black paint, obviously all original. I was told this is probably a WW2 vintage British police helmet, but i've seen the police brodies and they are different, and wonder if there used to be stenciling in the rectangle. ANY help to ID this helmet would be greatly appreciated...Dano


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Its definately WW2. There should be some letters and numbers on the inside somewhere around the rim.

As for the paint markings.... I am not sure about the white patch. They usually did that and painted something on it, like Police, Air Warden, etc....
As its black, its been repainted (God knows how many times.)
Hi Missingsomething, I sure appreciate the input. I have had many civil Brodie WW2 British heklmets, and if memory serves most were painted grey with maybe a "W" for warden etc.... I am not an expert on paint by any stretch but would stake my life that this black is original. The shots do not do it justice you almost have to see it. I would not even think of painting this helmet as it has a coolness to it that just cannot be described. If the black is a re-paint it would have to been done many years ago only after stripping it to bare metal first. Maybe i'm wishing on a star here but again if this black aint original then Kim Bassinger just aint sexy! Aw hell I like it. Dano out...
Hi Dano,
blue/grey brodies were usally police-air raid wardens,damage control ect did wear black painted helmets
Black WWII British Brodie helmet

Aah Tony, thanks so much for the update, as again this is original black paint, just did not know where it fit in the picture. Thanks my friend for the info...Dano