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Please read - what to do...

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The following information should always be undertaken in the event of a find or unsure item of possible ordnance etc in the UK.

Contact the police and they in turn would have an EOD unit call and sort it out for you.

This process is not there to drop you in the C**p but to ensure the safety of the public and its been in place for many years. To be honest, the police are not normally interested in you or the item unless you nicked it, they are looking for it, got from dubious means or causing a major incident etc (not all listed). However, this is the first port of call and ultimately it is in place to keep the public safe and could stop someone else loosing there fingers or other bits etc should this item be unsafe / live.

The EOD Unit are the experts and are the only people in the UK that can deal with such items OFFICIALLY oh yes they will do some accounting paperwork and that is that.

Please do not throw it away as that WILL cause problems do the right thing and call the Police.
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