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Plymouth Navy Days


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Just having a wander around here lots to see and well worth a visit on today and tomorrow if there are any members wanting to come along. Will take lots of pictures today and post them later on. If any one is here and wants to meet up send me a pm and I will give you my number. Best regards Weasel.
Have we still got a navy then?!!
Enjoy. I used to work in HMS Drake/Devonport (1st apperenticship).
Here are a few picture from Navy Days 09...

Best Weasel.


  • Navy Days 09 006.jpg
    Navy Days 09 006.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 007.jpg
    Navy Days 09 007.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 008.jpg
    Navy Days 09 008.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 009.jpg
    Navy Days 09 009.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 005.jpg
    Navy Days 09 005.jpg
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And a few more...


  • Navy Days 09 044.jpg
    Navy Days 09 044.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 043.jpg
    Navy Days 09 043.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 042.jpg
    Navy Days 09 042.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 037.jpg
    Navy Days 09 037.jpg
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  • Navy Days 09 025.jpg
    Navy Days 09 025.jpg
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like the projectiles weasel looks like you had a good visit thanx for sharing the pics

regards lee