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poss bofors 12cm ??????


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Morning all,

Heres a strange one for you,well maybe anyway.
Its ahuge stomping case.Approx 835mm tall.
Base reads 12cm No10 Dated by the looks of it 66.It has a stamp in the shape of a shell case with 560 deg c and a circle with 280 deg c.
Primer has boff 66.
Can anyone shed any light.I thiought it was a bofors 12cm from the fjord forts, but now im unsure as the case height dosnt seem to tally up with the avaliable data.
I will be listing on the sale/swap pages later,its a real beast this one.

All the best,
It could also be Dutch because of the marking No 10. We had a lot of ships that used the 12cm bofor canons. Are there any factory markings on it. The cases for the dutch navy where mostly made by the AI factory ( artillery inrichtingen zaandam)
Fair comment blu97.

I should have just confirmed the case type of 120x835R and not its nationality.

Thanks for putting me straight.