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Possible RAF 40mm shells


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I have 2 40mm shell casings my Dad swore he collected during the war in London whilst playing on bomb sites.

The markings show that these are 2Pr No1 MkII and believe these to be from cannons from a Hurricane. Would this be the case?

Other markings:
Shell casing 1: LOT716 N1942 ECC No27IN GB 9/41 394 some other numbers and various stamp marks
Shell casing 2: LOT1188 N1941 RLB No27IN GB 9/41 394 some other numbers and various stamp marks

Would these be made of brass, basically would like to know more about these casings.

Hope you can help, thanks in advance
The Hurricane Mk IID had two Vickers S 40mm guns for the anti-tank role, and this was also an optional fitting for the Mk IV. AFAIK the Mk IID never operated from England, but the Mk IV did in 1943/44; it was used in attacks on land targets (typically locomotives) in Northern France. I have never heard of one firing its guns over London, so if the cases (whether S Gun or naval) were found in a London bombsite they had probably been carried to the previously-existing building as souvenirs.

There were some specially-stamped S-Gun cases made, but the standard 2 pdr naval AA gun cases (which were the same) were also used, so unless there is someone on the board with better information than I have, it is not possible to say whether the cases might have been used in the S Gun or in the naval gun.
Thanks, they could have come from a practice firing site as not sure of my Dads story (no longer around for verification). Could the shell casings be from defensive guns?
The Bofors gun takes a much longer shell. The 2 Pounder cases are 150mm long, compared to the 40mm Bofors case length of 311mm.

These cases are stamped "N" which means they were Navy issue, and as far as I know, the 2 pounder was never used as a land-based AA gun.
Thanks, as they are both marked with N does this mean they can not be from an RAF plane such as a Hurrican, the trouble is, I have an vague memory of my Dad talking about an RAF firing range.