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Possible shell found?

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Cylindrical, around 8-9 inches long, 2-3 inches in diameter with the following markings at one end. Any ideas what it is?

No.11 VAD
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Need picture

Hi wicker, Welcome to BOCN and would be helpful if you could post your possible shell with a few images....Dano
Possible shell

Sounds much more like a shell case to me with a No.11 primer.

Naval 2 Pdr.?


Would help identification if you could give more precise sizes try in mm, and what its made of, if steel or brass, if corroded steel will be rusty and brass goes greenish (sorry if thats obvious) as regards pictures note the strict rules on this site re photos of dug up stuff that is possible unexploded ordnance etc as you do not say where it was found. However if its empty give us all you can to identify it and someone here will sure to be able to help. 2pr

The sizes of the found cylindrical item is length of 200mm, and width 65mm (+- 2mm). There are also two War Department's broad arrow heraldic markings, one crows foot inside a diamond shape and another on its own. In addition it had the letters "HL" inside a rectangular box similar size to the crows foot mark. Its weighs approximately 2kg. Its made of steel and is badly corroded apart from the end with the markings which also has a grove 2mm deep along its diameter (like a screw head!)

No 11 VAD

I have photos but not very clear, will try to upload.
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update id

By the markings its British, but I cant think of a gun calibre around 65mm, and with VAD for Vickers Armstrong Dartford it dates approx 1928 to 1943. They made all sorts of things a lot of them nasty in that they held explosives. It doesn't seem to be a nose fuze, nor a tracer unit, it might be a gaine or booster of some sort or a bomb or base fuze. The safest option would be to go through the approved procedure for having found unexploded ordnance as that is what you may well have. The moderators have posted what to do if you find something potentialy dangerous on this forum, can't remember where but its worth finding and reading. 2pr

Thanks for the good feedback to my question. One last piece of information is that it may have been stored in a hessian bag at some stage as the outer side (apart from the end with the markings) is corroded in a "hessian" like material.

If you are unsure and would like help PM me

The following information should always be undertaken in the event of a find or unsure item of possible ordnance etc.

Contact the police and they in turn would have an EOD unit call and sort it out for you.

This process is not there to drop you in the C**p but to ensure the safety of the public and its been in place for many years. To be honest, the police are not normally interested in you or the item unless you nicked it, they are looking for it, got from dubious means or causing a major incident etc (not all listed). However, this is the first port of call and ultimately it is in place to keep the public safe and could stop someone else loosing there fingers or other bits etc should this item be unsafe / live.

The EOD Unit are the experts and are the only people in the UK that can deal with such items OFFICIALLY oh yes they will do some accounting paperwork and that is that.

Please do not throw it away as that WILL cause problems do the right thing and call the Police.

I have now reported the find to the local police who have taken a copy of my photos and the drawing I have made including all markings and useful information I have received from BOCN.

Photos (sorry about the quality, off a mobile phone)



Hello Wicker. I can give you a positive I.D. on this and it 100% inert and safe.

What you have is a 12 Pr 12 CWT drill projectile, a steel body covered in coarse fabric. The end is closed with a brass plug (marked on yours 'P.II/N No 11 VAD') the other end would be stamped with the projectile information.

AAA 12 pdr drill.jpg
AAA 12pdr drill3.jpg

It would be a real shame if this 'lump' gets destroyed. I'd really love that brass plug for mine!!!!

Dimensions: 197mm X 69mm. (plug 60mm)
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Thanks for your response and details on the find. Do you have any more information on it. Would it be for an AA gun for instance?
The 12 Pounder 12 CWT was a Naval gun, used on all sorts of small Naval vessels as well as mounted on land for close defence for harbours etc.
Ammuntion was separate loaded.
The drill round was used to practise loading, so it never contained anything explosive, in fact its just a lump of metal.

I'm sure they'll give it a positive I.D. but you'd need the EOD approved guys to tell you what the bomb squad will do. I don't know if they take all such items away with them?

Can any other members help with what will happen with inert items such as this?
Further Update

The Police contacted MOD EOD who then phoned me and asked for a copy of the photos. On receiving and reviewing the photos, the officers conclusion is that its not ordinance due to the grove at the end of the object????? and said they are not coming out to investigate the find. They said to just leave it buried where it was found.

End of matter I guess!! :neutral:

go get that %#@@@# shell

Well wicker, obviously inert, authorities don't care, go get it! go quickly! Dano
brass end

Having seen the photo and looked at the plug on my shelf I agree with Qatermass that is is a brass plug that would normally screw in where the fuze would go. 12pr 12cwt is 3in or 75mm nominal calibre, drill possibley a bit less. 2pr
Seems that you can do EOD by phone now! That will save me staying at work for my weeks duty...
Just a note ,because a shell is plugged and not fuzed does not mean there is no risk of explosive filling...
Although quatermass identified the projectile i personally i think this was a bad call by the eod personnel involved,especially the advice to leave it buried where it was found.They should have investigated properly .
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