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possible ww1 bomb

Well, even after becomming a member I casnnot see the picture. I think he removed it.
Regards DJH
Hello rusty junk,

A little info for you,
It would be better if you uploading the material to the site, the material will always be there for people to see now i have to join a outher site to see something.
And by the looks of it DJH and i can't see it.

If you waint to upload a pic. you can do it here when you are writing a reply

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Hi Mad, thanks for the advice,
here's the pics that you can't see, any good?. this is the description.

It is 22 inches long, and 9 inches in diameter at the widest part. It has a 2 inch hole at the front (fuse?) end.
At the rear there are 3 stabilizing fins, one of which has some sort of pin through it. Between the fins there is a 2 inch long protrusion with a screw in its side.
There is a single fin in line with the one with the pin, near the fuse hole. It suggests that these two were used to carry/mount the device horizontally.
The other side of the device has been flattened at some time...........

Here is a sketch of the object. The tail end is not as pointed as in the sketches/photos above. In fact the diameter is 95mm just above the fins. This part is bolted onto the end of the body with 6 bolts


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I think its a German 10Kg ? Carbonit bomb if so its one of 8,578 bombs dropped on the UK in WW1
source Designed to kill , by Arthur Hogben
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This bomb look strangly with the GB WW1 incendiray bomb carcass fitted by the pistol N3 which one must sees the tube carries initiating cartridge and magnesim composition initiater
The fuze would miss since this bomb would have lost its conical tail part.
This is a VMFI (visual mine firing indicator) used on exercise mines MkXVII.



The shape is wrong to be a Visual Firing unit also the VFU was made on lighter material, so that it floated , the unidentified object looking at it is iron? and with the distintive pear shape of the Carbonit bombs.
Looks like the photo and diagram of the VMFI posted by taucher, certainly seems to have more similarities than the pictures Ive seen of Karbonit bombs.
But then Im not a Specialist collector and researcher of German airdropped ordnance, so I could be wrong.
The VMFI that i looked at at Beltring a couple of years ago was much lighter construction , the interesting thing is what would if it was a mine part be doing in the ground unless there was a naval base nearby .
I have seen something similar for sale at a militaria fair which was described as a WW1 French mortar bomb, not sure though.
The fitting on the front is not very ballistic!!, it was never meant to be dropped, it is to securing the VMFI to it tray which sits on the top of a British mine. Mk17, A Mk14 etc
YOURS AYE2 vmfi.jpg