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PRB 2 inch HE mortar round


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This 1950s PRB (belgian ??) made 2inch HE mortar body arrived this week apart from the visible painted markings it is stamped 0R LOT PRB 3-1
The Tail is stamped ATELOR 1/50
The Plastic or Bakelite transport plug is marked 2" MOR
anyone add anymore about this please do so as ive seen a lot of this model around recently.This is destined to be cut ,im just waiting for a fuze to arrive for it...spotter


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You are right, it's a Belgian made copy of the British 2" HE mortar. I cannot remember what PRB stands for but I'm sure someone will tell us in the near future. You will find British design ordnance in the Belgian and Dutch inventory from the 1950's and 60's. As well as others. Grenades etc too, I even have a Belgian made No 75 hawkins mine/grenade Mk3 1950's dated. Tony.