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primer ID anyone ?


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Seeing as primers are high on the list of topics at the moment, I thought I would go through my box of bits and see if I had anything that may be of use to someone else. The only primer I have is marked: DJ 52 1Mk2 WWR and 7H CY 10 52.
I have included some pics, but a couple of the letters are a bit hard to read. Approx measurements are, base dia: 34mm, top dia 23mm and height 22mm. Shells and cases are not my field so please go easy on me if I have made a mistake ! Tony.
I have found reference and drawings of the No1 mk2 primer been used with the 25lber and with others,ill try post some pics and info later
Many thanks for the info and drawings, it looks like a 25pr primer then ! if anybody needs one, just give me a shout ! Tony.