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Primer tube or tool?


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I picked these up today,I presume they are primer tubes for some shell? One of them( the longest one) is very different, it has been fitted with a contact & bulb, Is this a armourers tool & if so what would it have been used for? and does any one know what shell these tubes would have been fitted to? five are marked with L1A3 RG CV 66 & the one with bulb in is marked L1A3 RG BG 65
Cheers Tony
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These are cut down electric "vent tube" primers for the bag charge gun on the Challenger tank. The one with the bulb was most likely made for testing the firing circuit. The others look like they were going to be have bulbs filled as well.
120mm Igniters

This is the drill version of the 120mm igniter tube. The normal live type obviously has no hole drilled and is unblackened.



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