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Project Bunker

Hi all. I got started on my dugout/bunker. It will be a display room that will be next to and leading into the trench entrance. I will invest no money in the project like when I did the trench. The walls are being made from pallates. This is where i'm at so far after day one. The first picture shows the cleared area of basement where it will go. The second picture shows the pallate walls roughed into place. The 3rd picture shows a picture inside the bunker leading into the trench display. I think (not sure yet), the outside walls will be covered with sandbags and inside with some sort of covering and shelves. If you notice the ledge on upper side of basement walls. This is the product of a house built in 1890, then the basement was dug and poured in 1948. Will update this thread as progress continues, and for gods sake, i'm no carpenter...Dano


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Day 2

Here is outside of bunker after day 2, still a long way to go but taking shape, and all green, recycled materials without a thin dime invested, i'm so cheap i straighten and reuse nails. I think she's pretty well roughed in now ..Dano


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Well, started throwing some cheesy shelving into bunker and displaying some junk to see how it's gonna go. Now it is my every intention to cover bunker front with corrugated tin, but I absolutely refuse to buy it, and hope I can find someone junking out a shed or something along those lines. Just have to see how that goes...Dano


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That should keep you going for a while, hope that her in doors is good with the Corned beef & don't mind the odd rat, I've attached a couple of postcards from the time, that you could put on the walls ect. I do have many more but mainly of burn't or bombed out French towns but can always scan them to you if needed.

The best of luck John


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Excellent idea, and great cost savings concept, can't wait to see more pictures along the way!

Was unable to scavenge corrugated tin, so I painted wood and leave it at that until some wavy tin comes along (again I go for freebies only on building materials. So here is where I am now...Dano


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Yo Dano, good job mate but i hope that acrow isn't holding the house up lol
Dear Dano

Really cool your Bunker i wish i hade the same space in my cellar too !!
Great idear to display your stuff realy cool !!
Go ahead

regards David
Crap in bunker

Now that new bunker leading into WW1 trench is done (still debating on putting corrugated tin over outside entrance), I have put some cheap plastic shelving (had laying around basement) in and have moved some stuff in there. I'm pretty happy with the way things came out (my expectations were low) and now have more room for more stuff. Dano


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more work

Well spent a few hours on bunker. Put in shelving Made a frame for entrance door and rearranged ordnance. Itis really looking good and as fate would have my camera ate the batteries. About all left to do is to procure some corrugated galvanized used tin to cover outer wall and some on inside too. I have it so you walk into bunker door, and in that room all ordnance not WWI related is arranged. From inside bunker there is another doorway leading into mock WWI trench where I have all WWI stuff displayed. I paid nothing for materials as I used used pallates for walls and other materials I had lying around or abscounded from town dump. Will post pics when I get batteries for me camera...Dano
I really like what you have done there. It has a great feel to it, that I am sure is even better when viewed in person.

I am going to steal your idea of using old pallets(and no money).....what a great idea and it looks fantastic. Congrats!
Dugout trench

Thanks Jeff, It's funny, some years back it would be called an aboration, today it's GREEN!! Sandbags were made out of an old couch stuffing and all. Again thanks..Dano

Also better shot of in trench..Dano


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last stage

With exception of some well placed corrugated tin, and better shelving priject bunker is complete. I have more than doubled my display space and when inside the feel of war just reeks about. Here are 5 shots inside of bunker/trench...Dano


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Looks great Rick, I see the M31 arrived safely. I would also like to know what that impulse cartridge is all about. Welcome home. I trust all is well? Dano
WWI grenades

one last trench picture showing bulk of OLD grenades. This is on back wall of WWI trench..Dano


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Dano, what is the other similar sized shell case next to the British 4.5" Howitzer shell case?

Rick: did you ever make it to the Explosion museum in the end?