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Pudsey Militaria fair SUNDAY


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Apart from myself and Waff is anyone else going to pudsey tomorrow

waff can you ask mick if hes bringing any modern submunitions from cluster bombs as im thinking going down another area of collecting
Forgot all about it!:angry:

Wanted to take some stuff to swap too.

Andy!,how can you forget Pudsey?:p

spotter,just asked the Mickmeister and he sold up at Leeds last time. sorry old pal.:(

Don't know how!

I have a big bag of goodies waiting to be swapped too!

Just looking at train times,but the price is high!
30 for train.
12 national express.

Looks like NX is out as you have to book online and I have no money in my card account!

You can pay on the coach,but only if there are spare seats!

Asked father in law to book ticket on his card and he won't!:angry:

Lots of stuff to swap,mainly British,bofors,6 pdr apds etc.

I would have thought it was worth the risk on NX as i really cant see it being packed on a Sunday if you are early enough?

The coach starts at Newcastle,then goes on to Manchester.

It's always packed,mainly with students,I've never seen that coach less than three quarters full!
I just got back from spending my hard-earned..
Bought a KwK 40 and a Pak 37 complete rounds,another 20mil german oerlikon and an 88 steel case.Also picked up another 37mil fuze.
pictures to follow tomorrow night or Tuesday.
Im now broke!:(

i had better get saving for Malvern in a few weeks...;)