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Query about colour coding.


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Attached is an adapter ring from what I assume is something like a 13 pounder. The interesting thing is that the paint is ORANGE and not red as I'd expect.

Is that correct? Clearly its not a repaint job.



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The color on adapter 13 and 18Pr shrapnel shell are regulary orange or minium
The second band under on the body shell is red but sometimes minium color Same colors for 4.5, 4.7, 6in Shrapnell shells
is that the original colour or is it faded red. The manuals only mention red and I have always thought that the pigments have aged to that orangy colour. The paint used was not supplied ready mixed but as dry powders with a recipe for achieving the correct tone and using linseed oil as the liquid part. That is why no 2 shells in their original paint will be exactly the same tone - a bit like when we do the cooking, who measures out the ingredients? we just take a spoon full of this, a pinch of that and hope its about right. I would be interested to know if there is documentary evidence that the colour was orange not red. Dave
I have found quite a few in France from deep red to orange so would agree with Dave that it is probably to do with paint mix.