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RAF/RAAF bomb base plates


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250lb SAP base plate.

Hi Invest
These aren't bomb base plates, although they are British. The items in the two photos with four screws in them marked "No 24 Mk III" are bomb transit bases - i.e they were screwed onto the base of the bomb to protect it during transit and storage and were removed when the bomb was fuzed. As for the other photo, although I can't scale the item from the shot, it looks very much like a tail fuze pocket cover plug (modern British HE bombs have very similar plugs). The two holes are for a special peg spanner used to unscrew it when the bomb is fuzed.

Once again, great photos
Hello Eodda,
I appreciate your help :laugh:
And many thanks for correcting my mix up on using the word plates instead of transits. I have attached this picture, so you can get an idea of the different scale between the 1000lb and 250lb.
Invest :)

Hello Invest
Now I can see what I thought was a fuze pocket plug is really much larger than that. I think that's probably some sort of transit base too, but am not absolutely certain. The 'witches helicopter' is interesting - I take it that it's a Tail Unit with the fins stripped off....?
Hi Eodda,
Yes, this is a tail unit with it's fins stripped.
It's amazing what you can find in out of the way little museums.
And this was a little museum, as the population of the town was under 50 people :laugh: