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railway gun projectile


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hi all just acquired this great looking shell i have been told its a ww1 railway gun shell can anyone help with a bit more infomation the shell is 81cm long and the calibre is about 17cm on the side is stamped 664 M K1 17 and something that looks like a small crown with a cross on top of it.

many thanx lee


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17cm projectile

Your projectile is a WWI German 17cm projectile (Haube) mfg by Krupp. The gun was used as a field gun, field gun mounted on a railway flatcar and also as a small railway gun. The separate loading shell case is 42 inches tall. Correct color would be yellow with a 2 inch black band at the shoulder and a black tip. I have one with white numbers also stencilled on the upper body. After the war, several guns and ammunition were brought back to USA for study. Most projectiles that turn up are pitted pretty badly, yours appears excellent condition. Nice find.
Yes, your projectile is in excellent condition. The 4 that I have seen in the states over the last 20 years have all been heavily pitted.
17cm projectile

Hi Lee, That is one rare shell indeed. The only one i've ever beside yours was nothing short of CACKED. the condition is superb. I adore the German shells and this is a rare find indeed, Hang on to that one. Dano
thanx for the info and comments guys it looks like ive done quite well on getting this one wonder what the chances would be of finding a case and a fuse for it

many thanx lee
Nice find

What a find Lee and looking at the previous posts you have done very nicely there on acquiring that shell.

170 mm Calibre that must weigh in at around 65 Kilo's ???
nice projectile, here some drawings.


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Finding a case for it isn't that hard, i have a double one in my collection. It will arive within a few weeks here. PM if interested.