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raising funds and Airsoft



Hello all
Ive come to a rather difficult decision,deciding to sell some of my stuff:tinysmile_cry_t4:

One of my other hobbies (apart from drawing,photography,making music...)
for those that dont know is called Airsoft and I need to spend some cash in that department.

Thought I'd share it with you.

Its team based Military style gaming simular to paintball that originated in Japan.
Airsoft gamers use Replica weapons firing BB's loaded into special magazines.
(face protection is mandatory)

Some are long range single shot sniper rifles other are short range machine pistols.

AK's,M16,Ww2,modern arms..you name it you can get it in an airsoft gun.

Some of the guns are all metal,others are a mixure of metal and plastic.
My guns fire at around 10-15 ROUNDS PER SECOND.
Most are fully automatic.
There are strict rules on the sale of these guns now and in the UK you have to be a member of a club or a re enactor to own such a gun.

They are available for sale to the general public with no restriction-but are brightly coloured!

These games are held at woodland or suburban sites(empty buildings) and are marshalled by strict staff.
The games usually last all day.
We also use smoke grenades and thunderflash's.
for more info

It really is alot of fun!
Here are some snaps,enjoy

p.s. I will be using the classified section soon.


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Brightly coloured!

Hi 18 pounder,
so if I spray a working AK bright orange the local polizi would be ok with it when I go shopping????:xd:
Cheers Tony
Thats a good point SMLE, I don't think the politicians who created the law thought of that one. It would be an offence to paint a Brightly Coloured RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) to look authentic, I'm not sure if it is illegal to do it the other way round.
Gents be very carefull!
If the PC brigade get wind of all this then our men & women in Afghanistan will have to paint their weapons!!!
They`ll also probably have to get issued airsoft ones then?
ha ha,if you re-paint a bright orange gun then you would be commiting a serious firearms offence,

My guns were bought before this stupidity came into force.

The government wanted to completely ban our fun and make ANY replica,de-activated gun illegal,pink or not-even privately owed.
I cant think of one instance a 200 airsoft ak47 was used in an armed robbery though.

Toy guns are now a particular size and usually a bright colour.

But due to pressure from various groups including Airsoft,re-enactment,and theatre groups we managed to get an exemption!!
It means we can keep them if we are members of a specific group and registered on a data base.

It wont be long untill we ALL get totally shafted,it only a matter of time.

Anyway just thought some would find this subject interesting.

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Hi Hicky,
Probably a lot more reliable than what they got now!
Hi 18 pounder,
Do'nt think any AK would be the choice of weapon for any armed robber,bit big to fit inside a coat what, I think we are being shafted now!!
Hi Lcplcombat,
You think they hav'nt thought of this one,they certainly hav'nt thought of the obsolete calibre nut,anyone over 18 can buy a weapon covered by a O.C cert but what it actualy means is that none of the proof houses do not have any proof rounds for that weapon,and as you probably know it is not that hard to pick up .557/45" 11mm Mauser rounds ect,yet the've banned replicas ect for general sale!!!!!
Cheers Tony
Hey 18 I too am heavily involved in Airsoft. I am on the event staff for the op. in the following links. It takes place on Ft. Drum in New York, USA the home of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division.
Watch the site and perhaps you can make it sometime. We'll supply you with some good aeg's.



Hey 18P Just bought a CM.035A AKSU-74 and what great fun. I already do alot of pratical shotgun with a Saiga 12G but can see me getting dragged into the airsoft scene now :)
It means we can keep them if we are members of a specific group and registered on a data base.

Sorry mate, that's factually incorrect.

What you own is unimportant. It is the sale/manufacture/import that is illegal - though there are exemptions and defences that mitigate this in respect of certain groups.

As to your mention of a database, you do not have to be on *any* database.



One of the co-founders of the original ABA (not this BS AOBA that's just sprung up)
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you can buy airsoft guns (RIFS) if you are registered with a airsoft group.
Anyone can buy them if they are painted bright colours.

Obviously there are ways to get a round it if you must.
didnt want a massive discussion on the subject,just wanted to share my interest with others thats all:tinysmile_shutup_t2
When we had our pistols banned there was Never an instance of a Legally held firearm being used in crime!