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Rapid Fire Anthony G. Williams


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Rapid Fire by Anthony G. Williams.
sub titled 'The Development of Automatic Cannon, Heavy Machine Guns and their Ammunition for Armies, Navies and Air Forces'.
Excellent book full of photos, line drawings and tables. All in a very readable format.
297 pages.
Flying guns of WW2 by Anthony Williams

An excellent book that goes into huge detail with lots of piccies of WW2 aviation ordnance and the weapons that fired them .
I agree, excellent book as are all of Tony's other books on such things. I've had my copy since it came out several years ago and refer to it on a regular basis.
Thank you for your kind remarks, gentleman - I'm glad you like it.

The good news is that I maintain an "updates" page for the book on my website, which is becoming quite extensive.

The bad news is that the publishers sold the last copies a year or so ago...