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Rebounding bomb for Granatenwerfer 1918

In 1918 the Germans developed a rebounding projectile for the Granatenwerfer. It would hit the ground, then re-launch in the air, then explode. The cast body was covered with a steel sleeve, closed at the end with a firing chamber with black powder. The fuse was activated by striking the ground and this also set off the black powder charge which re-shot the projectile out of the sleeve acting as a mortar tube. The idea was to have the grenade explode in the air rather than burying itself in loose ground. I don't have figures on how many were actually made, but the number was probably low as this came out toward the end of the war.... Dano

From: Weapons of the Trench War 1914 - 1918
By: Anthony Saunders


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Hello Dano1917

It seems me there is some versions with this rebounding bomb: I have same datasheet than you, but in real item, i've never seen the smooth rebounding one, but always the usual trench grenade, with a special cap to make it rebounding.


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Thanks Pascal, Some killer pics there, what a spactacular Granatenwerfer display, Stunning. Thanks for showing...Dano

they are not mine (i've found the picture on the net).

As far I know about theses ammo :

The version 1 is shaped like a pear, 3 tails
The next version is cylindric, 3 tail.
The version 2 is cylindric (like the version between 1 and2) and has 4 tails
And, after the version 2, there is a smooth version with 4 tails.

About the reboundings one, obviously, it's like version 2 and version 2 smooth. We have an exercice one (I suppose), version 2, with a cap to make it rebounding, but i've never found a datasheet with this model (there are always more thins).


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dozen cousin

Hi Pascal, I no longer posess the picture, but used to (pissed off the owner) but there are over a dozen Granatenwerfer projectiles, including the signal and message rounds. When I did have the pic, I think I posted it on an earlier thread, but can't find it right now. You know it's true...Dano