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Received this week


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The following two pieces are from a small lot of stuff i received from a fellow member this week,THANK YOU ..
A genuine WW2 american pineapple grenade body(empty) and a relic battlefield dug MG42 flash hider(not sure correct term)..I think im going to mount the flash hider on a wooden stand and i have a spare striker/det assembly for the pineapple just need to find a lever ,that will probably be turned into a cutaway..


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Nice pick ups Spott.

I do like that MG42 flash hider..I should have one on mine thats due much later on this year!


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Hi Spotter, if you can post a pic of the fuse assy you have, I can see if I have got a spare lever for you. Tony.
Hello Tony ,this is the type of lever i require,im in no rush for this has i have a back log of stuff to do up,but if you can help let me know,,,thank you allan


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I should have one somewhere, I will have a look when I get half an hour to spare during the week.
Managed to source a couple of levers for the pineapple so no longer require one...thanks anyway tony