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Recent purchase.... Big collection.....


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I just picked up a large (30) grenade collection.... Just started to have a look..... Some of them were mislabeled and looks like some are missing parts....

Here are a few photos..... I will post more as I go thru them....

If anyone has any spare bits to complete them.... I would appreciate the help.... Comments are also welcome....

ID'ed as WW1 French army stick grenade circa 1914:





No markings on it that I can find. If you want more pictures or of specific parts just ask....
well purchased, Craig, chapeau!
most exiting object for me is the Nipo-grenade with fragmentation sleeve.
Nice grenades

Great Grenades Craig, Nice mix that you picked up. That first one is the French raquette petard artisan grenade. The smooth (no raised grip ring) m1917 German egg is tough, but to me your topper is that Kugel. That is one tough critter to capture. It fits Between the m1913 and m1915 Kugels and is sometimes referred to as the transitional Kugel. You just have a bagful of goodies there and those were three I chose to comment on. I'm kind of baffled on your m1915 German discus grenade as i've never seen one in white? I'm green with envy. Dano
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Thanks Guys... some of the items are pretty good finds...

Here are the rest:


Nice French VB marked with a B 3 and complete with cover:


Russian F1:


Is this a correct fuze for a Kugel???

German M24 with frag collar... missing fuze and ceramic bead with string...




Should the cap be marked.... it looks like a repro to me....


Really nice haul there. That is an Austrian stick grenade or RORHANDGRANADE (there is also one with a round ball shaped body) That zinc alloy friction igniter was used on the '15 kugels (eggs too). The rifle grenade looks complete and nicely marked. That m1915 German stick is awesome. Some really choice items. Big SCORE