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Reigal mine 43


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Anyone out there with a German Reigal mine 43 in there collection so i can quiz them about measurements and sizes. I have the basic sizes as shown but would like more if possible. Not sure if any museums in the south(UK) would have an example.


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There is one at the Royal Engineers museum in Chatham , but would not be possible to be able to take measurements from it.
The details i have from illutrated record of German Army Eequipment is the following
Length 2 Ft 7 9/16 inches
width 3 1/2 inches
height 3 13/16 inches
Main filling was amatol 50/50 and around each igniter socket were PETN/wax pellets
main Igniters used were ZZ42
firing pressure was 200-400Kg
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Hi Chris,
Get in touch with member `engineer` as im sure he knows his stuff with this sort of ordnance.
Please give him my regards too!:tinysmile_shy_t:


I find two R.Mi.43 in old trench in poland four years ago (Battlefield from 1945r), unfortunately in bad condition. One of them still wait for restoration.
Unfortunately, only foto what I have here, I can't show you.
(rules of forum-live ammo).
When I back home in summer, I make new foto's.

Thanks Steve for the info just needed a bit more on the height of the lid and the bottom box. I believe that this mine had a red line painted along the bottom box so if the lid was past this line it indicated that the mine was in a dangerous condition to be defused or lifted for re-use. I saw the Rigal on SA, although it looks sound it looks as if its more of a relic as its a water find so the seller mentions. Not sure if Bovington has one or it may be a trip to the IWM. I will also give Engineer a try.

have one of this babies in my collection :tinysmile_grin_t:




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Hi Chris
The important Red line round the tray, showing the correct position for the lid , when the mine was armed
From the source quoted earlier

I have some engineer notes from the war that mention about the red line to see if the mine is in a dangerous state.
Hi there,

here the measures of the Riegelmine 43
bottom case: length = 798 mm, width = 92 mm, height = 53 mm
upper case (lid). length = 805mm, width = 98 mm, height = 63 mm

The red line around the tray indicates that the mine still is in an unstressed condition. Should by clearing the mine the red line (partly) be unvisible: extremely dangerous! Mine must blown up.


Re Riegel RMi 43

I've attached some information on the Riegel RMi 43 you may have this but it might help. Wonder why we took so long to develop the "Bar Mine?" The Japanese even had the Yard Stick Mine.

Walk Slow and Drink Lots of Tea, John


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some fotos of my R.Mi.43 "body" - unfortunately in bad condition.
Restoration work still in process :)



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