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Relic wings...


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Hi all,

I just got a set of SD2 butterfly bomb wings that are in a relic condition.
Would you guys recommend them being soaked in a tub of diesel for a while to see if i can free the hinges a bit?

Hi,deisel or paraffin is ok,much better than using such stuff as wd40.After a few days try moving parts carefully.You can help unseize hinges by using a small.ie panel pin hammer and lightly tapping the seied area with small blows if your carefull this wont mark the metal,this shocks the rusted metal and helps release it.Just be patient and dont rush it.Got some pics of it? T.
Hi Waff,

You could try electrolysis but be carfull with this on small parts. this will remove and free up
moving parts. PM me and i'll send all details and destructions you will need.
thanks Nick,i will be in touch later in the week.
im just trying to sort some jobs out now to earn some loot for the Leeds show next weekend.

best :)

No probs...shame its so close to x-mas or i'd be going myself also been buyin shed loads from Europe the last couple of weeks.nealry skint !


Yeah sorry lads with the lack of pics.
I really am run ragged with the extra jobs im doing!:S