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Relics and locations

Here's some pics of the favorite relics in my collection that i've pretty much left untouched with little exception. Knowing where they are from really adds to the interest in my mind. Picture 1, the two fuzes on the left GRZ 04/14 and HZ14 were recently found at Verdun, The Dopp Z92 in the 15cm nose was found at Delville Wood area of Somme, and the partly exploded m1915 Kugel from the Fort Douaumont area of Verdun. Picture 2 the m1917 German egg grenade was found Somme salient. Picture 3 the no20 MKI rifle grenade came to me from SMLE2009 and the adaptor came from Paul the grenade. I'll have to ask Tony where the body was found because I forgot. Also went to liquor store earlier and decided to try Bud Light Lime and yummy these babies are good and they are sliding......Dano


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Hi Dano,
The No 20 body came from Polygon wood,Ypres. found within a foot of a German Gew98 rifle this wood(now has a large war cemetry in the middle) was taken & re-taken many times during WWI
Cheers Tony
Polygon Wood

Hi Tony, Hope your trip went well. It is great to know that No20 came from Polygon Wood. Now there's some history there. I guess this is first relic i've had from Ypres. And I can say this one is documented. Thanks...Dano