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Relics and wrecks


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Post your relics and wrecks , wether its a musket ball youve found at waterloo or a gun emplacement
Dragons Teeth

On the Reading to Redhill line there are a few hidden surprises along the line-Defensive Pill boxes, Conrete obstructions, a hidden platform (believed to be of Military origin) and a long line or Dragons Teeth.

Pictures show the Concrete obstacles along the "up line" just before Dorking Deepdene station.


  • Dragons Teeth 1.JPG
    Dragons Teeth 1.JPG
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  • Dragon teeth 2.JPG
    Dragon teeth 2.JPG
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  • Dragons Teeth 3.JPG
    Dragons Teeth 3.JPG
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  • Dragon teeth 4.JPG
    Dragon teeth 4.JPG
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Nice picture of 'pimples', the rather more prosaic British name for dragons teeth.

They came in two sizes, 3' (0.91m) or 4' (1.22m) square base and 2' (0.61m) high.

Excellent start to the thread Chris.

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Atlantic Wall/Dambusters

Here are two very poor pictures (Welsh weather !) taken on a small beach that was either used for testing bomb penetration against concrete targets (as you just about see-not much penetration) or the Dambusters Bombs ( I think the latter is the most likely as the casings had to withstand tremendous forces when they hit the Dam wall and had to be delivered with accuracy as these holes show they managed good accuracy.

Close up of damage to block.
General view of block in bottom of valley.

Taken with 35mm 100 ASA film on the wettest and coldest day I have ever known in Wales - well thats my excuse for the poor focus ! sadly the negatives have not survived the test of time well.


  • Atlantic wall mock up.JPG
    Atlantic wall mock up.JPG
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second photo

Could not get the second photo to attach !

The Cocrete block is about 12 feet high x 12 feet deep and approx 50 feet long and has been repeatedly hit by heavy objects in a very orderly fashion-every impact is individual.

Hopefully here it is with the "Block" sitting in the middle on the left hand side.


  • AW mock up.JPG
    AW mock up.JPG
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Atlantic Wall/Dambusters

Looking at the pictures of these blocks reminds me that trials were conducted to use "pick and shovel" to penetrate some of the Atlantic Wall concrete obstacles.

17 Pdr AP was the pick and 5.5" HE the shovel. I don't know if it was ever used operationally.