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Removing bits of iron from brass mills plugs


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If anyone has a problem with removing the broken remains of a firing rod from a Mills 23 base plug then i suggest Spirits of Salts, ie hyrdochloric acid which you can buy from most hardware stores. I dilute this 50% with water and leave the plugs in it till done. Will also remove gren bits from the sides/threads too and wont affect the brass plug. What ever you do, dont use Sulfuric acid[car batteries] as the results are horrible. It will save a lot of agro and possible damage trying to drill the stuff out.May have to be left a week or so though though.

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Good tip Andy. this is my favorite part of BOCN because I pick up things that I can apply in my restorations. The tips and how to's are fine. So keep 'em coming. Dano