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Repainted/restored grenades


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First a big thanks to Weasel and Tigbrand.
Heres a couple of pics of things i've repainted and my first attempt at a cutaway 69 grenade.
Struggled for a long time getting the stencils to look "just right"
Tried masking, handpainting, decals etc...
To make long story short, the wife loves cardmaking/scapbooking. Got dragged off round one of her favorite suppliers and came over some thin foam that is easy to cut, easy to glue (use scaps of plexi so you can see where the letters are going on the grenade). Great for the X's on 69 grenade.
Hope this is of some help to someone out there...

Anyway have a great weekend all!


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Hi T42,
Glad to help, i have tried in the past to do that and it looks nothing like yours, great work. The sectioned 69 is a really nice thing to see, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with us.
Best regards Weasel.
great job mate, looks fantastic,Ive a real fan of this kind of stuff!!
Theres quite abit of snobbery with 'whats right',thankfully I havent come across any on this site.

My opinion is,if it looks right then it is right.
You can also use 'letraset' and is available in all sorts of fonts.
You rub on the letters from a backing sheet.
You can get it from 'hobbycraft' or 'The Range'.
ive used it on a home made stick grenade and it looks brill,especially if you rub the letters a little with some ultra fine wet and dry after.

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Thanks 18 pounder.
I agree with you, as long as we are happy with the finished item, it should be good enough.
Only problem is... i'm never happy with it!
But i do have fun trying.

All the best
Finished no.69 grenade

Finally finished!
The percussion cap and the detonator are made from bits of metal i had lying around. The explosive filling is a hard modelmaking foam that looks about right unpainted. Repainted the outside and chipped the paint to make it look more original.
I've seen a few of these grenades with a number inside a circle (in white) painted on the lower outside of the body. Is it the makers code number? Does anyone have a list or some examples?
Thanks for all the comments. Really had fun working on this.

All the best


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mr turpin
thats fantastic!! what a neat job with very realistic weathering too.

Sorry I didnt follow your post properly,but did you use a real body or is this a replica??
No.69 grenade cut away

Hi 18pounder, thanks again.
Body, cap, base plug, 247 fuze and its internals are genuine.
I've been wanting to try a cutaway for ages but never have liked the idea of cutting up a nice grenade.
Got a no.69 a while back with a damaged 247 fuze. Half of the fuze was ok (good reason for a cut away).
Later i got another no.69 with a rough body and cap so used them.
Didn't want to cut up a genuine tape and weight so made one myself,
also the detonator, percussion cap and central tube are home made.
Really impressed with the cutaways on the forum, and would love to have a go at a mills no.36.
Guess i just have to wait until the right (rough) one comes along...
on the other hand, i have a spare PIAT round on the shelf thats seen better days.... :tinysmile_twink_t:

All the best