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Reproduction decals



HI all
My intention is to complete my rusty 42 German helmet bought cheeply in belgium some years ago.

I have repaired a small split/war damage with 'chemical metal' filler and painted the helmet in (as near as dam it) in a field grey colour,with a texture medium mixed into the paint.(from hobby craft)

I now want to add good quality decals to finish this off ,I have looked at various sellers on the net,but I dont want to order any at the risk of receiving cra*.
Has anyone used any of these,and If so can anyone recomend a seller??

Please note though,It is for my own collection and NOT for re-sale for a profit,which in my book is fraud.

I will post pictures on my return to the UK.
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not sure really kermit,which ever looks best I supose!
I'm open to suggestions!! (I do like the 'heer eagle')
thanks for the response.
p.s are they rub on types??
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Bit of an odd way of affixing them if you're used to water transfer ones. The short instructions are that you need to gently warm the lid up with a hairdryer first (they stick better to warm metal), then fix it face down and peel the backing card off. Most people then lacquer them.

As to colour of the helmet, the factory colour for an M42 was RAL6006, and only early production lids had decals (they tended to make for a rather useful aiming point), not to mention the intel that could be gleaned as to whether the wearer was SS, Heer or Lufty.