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Restoration WW1 Italian grenades

Hi all, we've had a few threads lately on restoring grenades, well I got an e-mail from an Italian gentleman with whom I used to do business with on e-bay. He is/was a digger and has lots of stuff for sale cheap (like the two Austrian stick grenades with cardboard handles, handles gone of course, round and cylindrical)). He even has repro lables that go on handles, his list of stuff for sale goes on and on. He has many Italian and Austro-Hungarian, even German stuff from WW1 and WW2 for sale, If anyone interested in me forwarding them his list just PM me. I can vouch for this man as I've done business with him many times and never been ripped-off. Dano (going back now to listwning to and watching lewdly loud music dvd's and sucking suds) Good resto stuff
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