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Hi Gents
I have restored several old firearms in the past - along with tools & anything else that can be tidied up using the process i will describe!!
Anyway came across some Vz52 mags (didn`t know what they were until asking here!) I had buried amongst some MP34 mags.
The Vz`s were all in packing grease but obviously in a well used & uncared for state so with time on my hands, a little knowledge & some good chemicals decided to have a go at restoring them.
Here are before during & after pics:

1. Before anything still in grease
2. After stripping & de-greasing
3. After Altrans wash (this removes rust & other impurities) & drying.
4. After Koldblak wash & drying
5. Before & after

I can get the black a bit deeper but feel that pushing for `as new` finish not as original as old & used look.
The beauty of this job is there`s no shot/beed blasting or using abrasives
I will be advertising the vz`s & WWII Mp 34`s here as well as on SA with discount to BOCN bods. I can do them just de-greased (so I can check they are sound) or `restored`.
If you have anything you want this doing to get in touch.

Cheers for looking :tinysmile_fatgrin_t


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Hi friend I read your blog and I am looking for a few mags for a vz52 I just bouught one and I need some extra mags. I build hunt rilfes for a hobby I am retired military. So if have any can you let me know and if have something you are looking for let me know even if you don't have the mags. MSG Darrel Jones