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RGD-5 information required


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Ordnance approved
Hi, Can someone give some information on this variant of an RGD-5. Thanks


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Hi, Thanks for that. I am particularly interested in the stenciling. The grenade body is made of pressed tin and unweighted (unlikely to be suitable for throwing practice). This makes me wonder if the fuze type is correct for the grenade. I have seen black RGD-5's HE grenades brought back from Vietnam, or other South East Asian countries, but not with this type of stencilling. Thanks
In the Lex site you can find the same grenade. And that colour means practice fuse. Im quite sure that you have a matching grenade.
Hi, Thanks for that. I assume that it was made in February 1974, but can anybody translate the other stenciling. Thanks
It means: "Im an egg grenade for practice".... :xd: Jajaja, I have sent your pic to a Russian friend asking for translation. When I know something I will post it. :nerd:

I have this grenade also. The originally OD colored body is actually overpainted with black color, also dated 1974 and with the cyrillic "Uschepniya" markings on it which means "practice" (?!) This grenade should have a little hole on its base, covered inside with a cellulloid disc.
I have seen by now only the "Uschepniya" marked fuzes (UZRGM's) on these grenades which had no red/purple colored handles.
The red/purple colored handles I only have seen originally on the URG-N practice grenade in connection with an attached pyrotechnical sound type practice charge.
Mrfuze, USA
Hi. Thanks for the information. My grenade is still in transit and I'm trying to find out about it before it arrives. From the photo's I have you can see some of the black paint has chipped off to expose it's original OD paint. I suspect that these were used for arming practice, but that's only a guess. With the abandance of practice fuzes around, I wondered if it had been paired up with a suplus one (rather than it's original fuze). Any chance of seeing a photo of your lever? Thanks
HA, you see, I know Russian too! My Russian friend also confirm, the white stencil means "practice". About surplus fuze... yours is the second grenade with the same body and fuze. When you receive it you will can check the lever for see a date.
here the one I have in my collection, got it together with the in paper wrapped fuze and the fuze should also have the cyrillic Utsch - for Utschebny on the outer side of the lever and the complete word inside - see the pictures


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Perfect. Don't you love the internet and BOCN, what a great source of information. I didn’t have much luck trying to use online translation web sites to work out what the stenciling meant (see attachment). But then I guess if you know nothing of the language, you have no hope. Does anybody know what the triangle symbol stands for (is it the Vasar manufacturer from the other RGD-5 posting?). Thanks


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