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Rh.-Borsig photos.


Herewith, are some samples of photos which were discovered in two large boxes, - buried early in 1945 at prooving ground, Unterluss, Germany. RonB


  • Rheinmetall - Borsig. 001.jpg
    Rheinmetall - Borsig. 001.jpg
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  • Rheinmetall - Borsig. 002.jpg
    Rheinmetall - Borsig. 002.jpg
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  • Rheinmetall - Borsig. 003.jpg
    Rheinmetall - Borsig. 003.jpg
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  • Rheinmetall - Borsig. 004.jpg
    Rheinmetall - Borsig. 004.jpg
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Very nice Ron, thanks for showing them.
Is there any chance you can show the rest of the photos from the "large boxes"??...........Please??........