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Riot rounds

The postman left me a package, and I was just blown away as I had no idea I had so much stuff coming from V40 (thanks Mark). Anyway I am going to ask Mark to name the rounds from left to right as I am not too knowledgable. Notice the plastic projectile darts in photo 1. I have never seen the like. Photo 2 is 12ga rounds, and photo 3 I think are beanbags and misc. I'm pretty sure it is all anti-riot stuff but not 100% sure...Dano


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The 40mm round in picture 1 says a mouthfull on the casing and reads line for line...
exact impact
to be used only by law enforcement and police
personnel trained in riot control tactics

In the first picture is an 40mm "DEF-TEC" sponge round designed to be direct fired towards the instigator or the criminal who has just thrown a huge brick thru the picture window on Maple Street. Booth are going to get hit with this round. The extra sponge round next to the 37mm is the one I used quite a bit in Instructor's school. You can also reload everything here in the 40mm. All you need basically are the extra sponge tips, 32 short blank rounds and I can keep reloading them until the incident has finished. The black circular object was part of four rounds that came out of a 37mm cartridge. This round would be also called a "Knee Knocker" round as it would be fired in front of the oncoming crowd. They would really work and not leave and leave some nasty bruises afterward. The next piece is a 37mm OC barricade round. This one has CS Powder still in it. We would shoot these thru windows thru either a cars or picture windows. We could also fire it thru a wall if we knew or had some good information to the fact that the wall was very thin and even then one round per room. This round can also be used in a larger room such as the 'Living Room" type sized rooms. Also, great for garages. Noticed it is finned-stabilized also. The next one is a finned-stabilized 12 gauge OC round that was good for windows of all kinds and some car doors. The last one in this picture is a finned-stabilized hard rubber projectile that also comes from a 12 gauge shotgun. It is designed to hit hard on the subject thereby causing him/her substantial pain. We would love to fire these rounds, especially in the winter. It reall stings and causes the muscule that it hits to start spasiming and making it possible to arrest the subject while they are trying to outrun Police Officers all the while woobiling down thru the crowd and holding his leg at the same time.

On the second page is some more 12 gauge Riot Munitions. The first one we see going from left to right is 22TKO. This is used as the common "door knocker" round and a well deserved name indeed. It will just about open any locked or door jams or hinges you can think of. It is made for a door and not on another human being unless "Lethal Force" has been immediately been introduced into the Scene. The next round is just a hardended rubber ball inside your basic 12 gauge. Again this round would be used on the person who is instigating the riot or has become uncontrolable. The next one is your basic 12 gauge round filled with hardend rubber pellots about the size of double OO ammo. This can be directly fired into the crowd and not anywhere near the face. This one will also cause extreme pain to bare flesh on hot summer day. The next one is an OC round ready to be fired. The one next to it is another "Knee-Knocker" round made out of wood. This is a skipped fired munition into a crowd. The following one in all red with yellow writing is basically the "Practice Version" for the OC round seen before it. It will simulate the OC round but using only a white inert powder to simulate OC injection into the target. Next to the red round we come to two different types of "Beane-Bag" Rounds. The red colored bean-bag is your "Hi-Velocity" round. This one can only go about another 4-6 feet further because of it's non-aerodynamics. Once fired these two rounds can take off in any direction once something on them becomes aerodynamic (usually a flat spin will do this). The white colored one is the normal "Bean Bag" round. The last round in this group is a Hi Velocity rubber Pellet shell but it still is a bit smaller than the other Hi Velocity round mentioned beforehand.

The pellets scattered along the table are the pellets that would fit into the 12 gauge "Munitions" and for some of the other larger 37mm rounds which when filled with these smaller double OO pellets to max are usually recognized as "Stinger Shell Rounds" The larger pellets are about the size of a marble and may be fired in one of two ways; Thru one in such a way as a singular pellet at which would be loaded into the 12 gauge round or in multiples as with the 37mm which will shoot out all 37 pellets in about a split second. The next item we find is the actual pictures of the Bean-Bag rounds, red and white ones. The last one on the far right is CTS's version of the "Bean-Bag round. Notice that it has more space in it then the Def-Tec versions did. CTS's also what seems to be a longer bag with the first half full of the heavy shot with a "skirt" type bottom extending outwards in one direction. This "Skirt or sock as some others know it by, gives the round better accuracy and insuring that all the shot hits hard and up in front. You will also see the wooden dowel used for the 12 gauge. Finally, what you have is the actual pellet of the "Door Knocker" round. It is the silver cylindrical device with its wad next to it on the right.

Thanks Mark, That was a regular clinic on those rounds. I have been to the basement several times just to ogle at these rounds. The 40mm just blows me away, and the clear plastic 12 gauge shotgun rounds showing the "innerds" are really cool. Also noticed the fins on the plastic projos are canted about 15 degrees, which I guess would give them a swirling effect after leaving the barrel. I am really enthralled with everything. One of the clear 12 gauge rounds when held to light you can see the single projo with fins within, I tried to photograph it under direct light and the results were not good, but trust me it is a sight to see. Too much. Thanks again...Dano
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Glad you are happy with your package Dano! The fins are suppose to impart a substancial spin on the weapo so that it is provided with more accuracy towards the target. A unknown side-effect for those rounds is that the contents are mixed as the round flys through the air.