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Romoving Tar/Pitch



Hi does anyone know a good way to remove Tar or pitch without resorting to my favourite tool the blow lamp ?
Tar removal

No Just soaked item in White spirit , softened but not removed , also makes a Orrible mess
cheers anyway
i found industrial ink stripper works wonders. being a printer has its perks.
if you want the details ill get them from work tomorrow.
cheers, paul.
Tar removal

Hi Paul
Would be grateful if you can give me details , i have a badly corroded German fuze that im trying to remove the tar/pitch from the inside.

Another option is to stick it in a saucepan of boiling water for several minutes. Most tars have a melting point less than 100 deg/c.



Hi tim
Thanks for that idea , but at the moment im living in peace with my elderly mum , who wouldnt appreciate me boiling fuzes .Several years ago i bought at Beltring a large number of SD2 butterfly bomb drouges that were manufactured but never fitted, they were just locked solid, I boiled them in cooking oil , then imersed them in cold water , and all but 2 sets worked fully.
Whats tar doing inside a fuze?
Is it to do with the insulation needed for the electrics?
I bet you stunk the house out when you boiled those drouges!!

Tar remover

A very effective method of removing Tar and other crud is Acetone which is available from most Glass Fibre Moulders-and what you dont use to clean can go in the car !! Only joking mr Taxman !

I use it for just about anything and it leaves no mess afterwards but be warned it is highly inflammable and evaporates as you look at it.

Hi All
Paul the tar or pitch is inside the fuzes to impregnate them , i got too close with the blow lamp earlier and melted the internal switch block , but i did get the pins out and the bakelite gaine thread too.
Hi Steve,

So the tar was one of a few ways to immunize the fuze?
Ive read books were it mentions various ways including liquid oxygen to flatten the condensors on the `Y` type fuze?


Hi Waff,

The Y fuze had Batterys in it and the liquid oxygen flatten them.
The Tar whas there to insolate the elec. and condensors in the fuze.

The photo is from Pzrg 40.


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Thanks Jack for replying to paul
Yes paul the tar or pitch was to make the internals of the fuze waterproof, it also made sure the electrical connections wouldnt short out , there a few soldered joints inside which must be protectd.
Liquid Oxygen

The LOx stops the battery working entirely due to its very cold temperature, the battery will recover when it warms up again.

Tar Removal

Hello Fuzeman

There is another way to removes tar and oil up the item at the same time.
Eucalyptus oil will melt bituman very easy, bit at a time or just dunk whole object, worth a try as tar and bituman are all made from the same base mix. worse case is that the room will smell nice :wink:
Tar removal

Thanks chaps for all ther interesting tips . i did manage to remove thetar using white spirit and a long 24 hour soak i just wish i had not used the blow lamp to start with.
Cheers and Thanks to you all
Be careful using acetone or cellulose thinners as this can melt plastic parts such as the clear plastic in German bomb fuzes and any other unseen plastic parts. As for using a blow lamp why not use a hot air gun just as good as there are no flames to set things on fire.
Hi Chris
Too late i slighly melted part of the switch block silly me!