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RPG-75 and RPG-7V Rockets

These are some pics of the RPG-75 that I gave to the Armoury in Dering Lines, Brecon back in the mid-90's. It was the first sight that they had seen of a complete unit. The little red sachet on the sling holds wax ear-plugs! The other rockets are close ups of the set that I put onto the 'Collections' forum earlier.



Other model.


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This is a nice rocket propelled grenade set... I wish the markings on the two green ones indicating what designation of the rocket model they are were visible.
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Very nice items. Something I would like to add at some point and immediately recognisable. I have wondered though, what are the vents (?) round the bottom of the projectile head? Stabilisers of some kind?
I have a bunch of Rocket Propelled Grenade practice rounds with the alternate nozzle assembly.. the smooth one. Anyone else seen these before? All the other rockets I see have the flat geometric shaped nozzles...

Can any of you find spare booster charges/fin assemblies in cardboard tube with their plastic container tubes for me? I need two.