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Rpg 75


Would somebody have a better image of operation?


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Przemo, I'm new here as well and It's a real pleasure to be.

So, I tried to figure out the mystery of the fuze by myself according to your advise, but unfortunately I couldn't.

Please be so kind to share us your conclusion, that will much appreciated.
Is this of any help?:




Anybody out there with detailed info on the warhead of the new thermobaric version?
being language impaired, I get an idea that this thing has 2 fuzes, one point and one base. Or does the point fuze set off the base one? Can anyone explain this, in English, of course!
"PIBD" to be correct. To my understanding the base element just has a detonator safety which slides the det forward into armed position. The initial impulse should come from the nose section which has an arming delay (as we know it from mortar fuzes - non spin types)
Thanks guys for these valued comments and the added info, but I still missing how the order will be transferred from the nose to the base detonator, it looks mechanical as I can't see any peizo or crush switch or any of the usual stuff, I will be grateful and much appreciate a clear explanation.
The nose section has a primer which is set off on impact and the flames go through the empty space inside the projectile and hit the detonator in the base element.
The nose section has a primer which is set off on impact and the flames go through the empty space inside the projectile and hit the detonator in the base element.
Is there any delay on setting off the primer ?
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I think not since a HEAT warhead should avoid having any delay (unlike APHE projectiles which essentially do need this feature).

Recently and when I tired to review the fuze mechanism, I realized that I can't understand how the nose primer (also the base sliding one) will be allowed to move forward upon the projectile launch, any kind of setback or something like that... I will much appreciate your help.
Unfortunately I never examined one myself but they are setback armed and some sliding elements (in top and base elements) do set back on firing.
The upper seems to rest in the lower armed position after it set back (passing the zig zag arming delay) and the lower seems to free some locking balls (by a set back sleeve) which release the det assembly which moves forward after acceleration is evened out by the force of the spring doing this (2nd arming delay).
All this is not to 100% since I have to assume some actions - as said above, never examined one.
Maybe Mr. Fuze can tell us details as I assume him to have one of these.
Well noted EOD, thanks a lot for your comments.

I hope that Mr.Fuze will be able present something like his usual stuff.

I have had a B40 rocket (complete/INERT) once. It used one or two wires connected to the bottom of the hollow charge. The nose had the pezio crush fuze in the tip of the warhead.
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