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Russian 152mm


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I wonder if anyone can tell me more about this case..

The case measures 152mm x 546mm, and is dated 1940 (Russian 45mm HE show beside for comparison).

I believe this is from the Russian ML-20s gun/howitzer, but would like confirmation, as well as details of the projectiles used with it, and the AFV's it was mostly used with.

I've also shown it along side my paltry Russian ordnance collection.

Cheers Rich


  • Russian - 152mm x546mm Case 1940 Headstamp.jpg
    Russian - 152mm x546mm Case 1940 Headstamp.jpg
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  • Russian - 152mm x546mm Case 1940.jpg
    Russian - 152mm x546mm Case 1940.jpg
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I've got the dimensions of the 152 mm Model 1937 ML-20 as 152x545R which is pretty damn close to your measurements.

In addition to its roll as a field artillery piece the gun was used in the SU-152 self-propelled gun (entered service in 1943) and the later ISU-152 (1944).

As for ammuntion there was a anti concrete shell and several different H.E. shells.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Q.. I measured the height by hand, so probably the ruler at an angle from the rimmed base added the extra 1mm.

I might be wrong, but I always thought the SU-152 and ISU-152 used different types of 152mm gun as well as the KV-I and IS-2 chassis' respectively.??

As for the projectiles, was there no AP round? BR-540(?).

The ML-20 Model 1937 gun howitzer was the weapon used in the SU-152 'Zvierboy' (Animal hunter) & ISU-152.
You may be thinking of the SU-122 (M-30 122mm howitzer) and the ISU-122 (122mm A-19 gun).

Your correct the chassis used was the KV-1S and IS-2.

There may well have been a AP round for the gun (my reference was dated 1941) when used in the SP mounting, but I'd imagine that the standard 152mm H.E. round would be pretty devastating to an enemy tank.

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RichardB, very nice case. I have the same, made in 1939r.
Her you have some info abaut this amunition.

And one more thing... nice russian ordnance collection, but 57mm look's like post-war amunition, 85mm and 76,2mm marking also.
Here foto's of oryginal ww2 57mm amunition (last one)



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This ammunition; 152 x 545r was used in 152mm МЛ-20 Gun and Su-152.



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