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Russian 76.2mm tank rounds?


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Here is a picture of my two WW2 dated Russian 76.2mm tank(?) rounds.

However, even when I picked up the first of the two rounds, I wasn't convinced they are actually representative of a round the T34/76 would fire from its F-34 gun....For some reason, I think I've read somewhere that the round from the F-34 gun has a longer case. The cases in this picture are 76.2x385R....were these solely used by Anti-Tank guns.... can any one help??

I believe the two rounds are designated (left to right)

UBR-354P - HVAP (Tungsten core)
UBR-350A - HE


Have we got any Russian ordnance experts??

TIA Rich
Sorry I'm not even close to a Russian ordnance student let alone expert, but excellent looking shells B) .

Especially like the HVAP shell.

For what I can understand there was a variety of 76mm tank shells but the most common was the 385.3mm long case.

Is it hard to find Russian shells?
Yes, I've been looking for quite a while, and although the 45mm HE round is available in biblical proportions (I've no idea why), everything else is like rocking horse do-do. One thing that is nice, is that the shell cases almost have a gold like appearance, far brighter than the UK/US cases....and non of the issues like German cases.

Apart from these two, I do have a couple of 45mm rounds, but thats about it

I must admit, I find more evidence that the case is the right length than otherwise, but no documentation like we have for German, British etc..

Here's a pic of an HVAP round at the front of a T34/76


Hi Rich,

Look at Lexpev.nl he has some doc's from the germans D-50-8 kenn blatter there is some russian stuff in there.
Cheers Mad
Well tbh, Im short on information.....but since the T34 was made in such numbers, and the fact Ive only ever seen this length of case in 76.2mm dia.....I would seem logical to assume this is the case the T-34 used?
Yet somewhere, I read it wasn't but I can find that link....and who's to say it was true!!

Madbombers idea is probably the best

I thought this would be an easy one to answer, how wrong I was!

It seems that the 76.2x385R case had a long service life starting with the Russian Model 1900 Gun and being used with 76.2mm divisional gun M1942 ZiS-3 among others.

The presumption is that the tank gun (L/30.5 & L/41.2) used the same ammo but I cant find any evidence to prove it, which is not to say it wasn't just that I haven't found a source that says it was Arhhh!

The next thing is should it be described as a tank round or as field gun round (or simply 7.62x385R round)?

Well here's a picture of the head-stamp if this is of any benefit. I assume the 44 means 1944....other than that, I guessing even harder!


Hi Richard, any markings on your projectiles? looking in Jane's Ammunition Handbook 1999-2000. The Frag-HE and HVAP-T projectiles are still in production.

Used with the 76mm divisional field gun M1942 (ZiS3), 76mm mountain gun GP (M1966), D-56T tank gun (PT-76 light amphibious tank), NORINCO 76mm field gun type 54. The projectiles were used with other weapons but Jane's only states those that are still in service.

hi just to add who made the ammunition for the israeli tanks ? as i have added a photo of a 76 mm israeli tank / tank destroyer dated 1964
How dare you Q!.. :eek:hmy: ..actually, I've looked thoroughly at them as they are in pretty good shape for something that would be 70ish yrs old, which always raises suspicion. I think both have been repainted, clearly the HE has, not 100pc about the HVAP

I've not yet found any decent nomenclature documents for Russian ordnance, WW2 or later....but the markings I can find are as follows:-

UBR-354P - 76-42 - 9/7 NEP - 10/NT painted on side of case
44r - HB - 404 - 3.2.57 - OH stamped on bootom of the case
(I believe the 44 to be the original date, and the 3.2.57, some other QA check or equiv date...but I really don't know)

HVAP Projectile
CP - 878 - E - 2403 painted on projectile
11-44 - 45 stamped on projectile

HE Case
41r - 707 - KT stamped on head-stamp, no other paint markings

HE Projectile
Fuze 3MT - KTM1 - 95 - 41r
Proj Body WT - 3-300 - 4-39 Stamped on body of proj
Proj Body WT - OA 350a painted on body (clearly not orig)

The letters above are obviously Cyrillic, but I have replaced with an English letter that most closely resembles the Russian - eg T is actually, like an upside down CAP L etc etc

So if you can make head nor tail of that lot, Id appreciate it.

Cheers Rich
hi rich did the russain have 2 types off 76 mm in ww2 short case and a long case ? will dig out my t 34 76mm s and send a photo for yoy reff..
rich having problems up loading photos .will have a play on the test page and once i sourt it will send photos off the t 34 arrow head long case ,and of the same but short case .thanks russell
Thanks for that Andy

Is the symbol "r" literally the abbreviation for year...i.e. "yr"
Does anyone have and kind of docs on Russian ordnance??