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Can anyone help? Russian projectiles and complete rounds are designated 3xxx-xx e.g. the 100 mm BM-25 APFDS projectile is correctly desiganted (I think) 3BM-25 and the complete round (projectile plus propelling charge) is designated 3UBM-11. My question is this: is the "3" really a number three or is it a Western transliteration of the Russian letter "Zh" which when written in Cyrllic script, also looks like a "3"? I know that a lot of Russian equipment e.g. missiles, have part numbers/drawing numbers using combinations of numbers and letters - e.g. 9M114 for the 'Kokon' ATGW (NATO designated AT-6 'SPIRAL'). So in the case of ammunition, is it a number "3" or is it a transliteration of "Zh"? I've asked this question on other websites and have been told that it's a number 3, but I'm not convinced (mainly because I think - possibly completely wrongly - that it might be connected to the Russian word "Zharag" - 'charge'). I can't speak Russian but does anyone have a Russian document that can prove it to me once and for all?


In cyrillic the E is exactly the same
as far as i know. In the word Maket the
E is written and spelled as E..

You should have official eod documents
that explain this (i have)?

The 3 i will have to check on later
this day..
EXCELLENT, Thanks Spott!
that's one of the docs i meant...

3 is described as incendiary
Spotter, Ammodillo

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, the link is useful but it still doesn't answer my original question - is it a "3" or is it a "Zh" in the ammunition desingation?