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Russian anti-balloon projos


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I love the lost history pieces, the hard to study esoterica that few realise existed. In this line I'd like to show a couple of my favorite early Russian projectiles, both 76.2mm anti-balloon rounds. Each used the standard Russian powder-train time fuze, one to release four snagging blades, the second to release a length of cable. The cable version I've seen with at least three types of cable, smaller diameters allowing for more cable to be carried.

I found these pieces deep in the storage area of the Russian Artillery Museum at St. Petersburg, an incredible place for any bullet lover. Enjoy.


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Very interesting items, thanks for posting.

I have seen a photo of a UK variation of the fold-out blades design, where a shrapnel body carried a submunition that had 4 blades that would fold out after it was expelled from the carrier body. It was one of the 3" diameter calibers, like a 13Pdr or 15 Pdr.
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Hi Hazord
i think the British anti baloon round that you mentioned was from a collection in New Zealand,! there was no recorded documents supporting that it was a Anti ballon round

Spotter posted a pic along those lines i think last year on Bocn, perhaps he can remember where! Unsure but i think it may have been for possible Barbed wire clearance?? cant find the post. Anyway nice pics indeed,dont see much russian stuff over here.
Didn't even know it existed :tinysmile_eyebrow_t. Thanks for showing :tinysmile_shy_t:.
Regards, DJH

J, will you be there sunday (the 8th) at the dutch collectors meeting in Landhorst?
no I wanted to, but I'm flying again. I should be back the following Friday, then one week and I'll head home to the family for the rest of the year.

Think you could section one of those cable projectiles? That would present some different difficulties.
great shells i would like the first one for my collection there quite rare i suppose

regards lee
Here is the photo of the 15 Pdr projo I mentioned above. Credit for its source is a BOCN member, but I didn't record that info, sorry.

It looks amazingly similar to the Russian one that Jeff posted.


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That could almost pass as a submunition....
Fair enough, now find me one for the collection?
Russian balloon shredder projectile...

Hello Jeff,

Here's one more photograph of the Russian balloon shredding phojectile.

Best regards,



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Thanks Randall, where did this photo come from? It would be nice to know that some are out in the open for those of us hunting.
Russian balloon shredding projectile

Hello Jeff,

I came across the photo a year or so ago on the website of one of the Russian military museum websites. I didn't jot down the specific museum at the time, it very well might have been St. Petersburg.

Best regards,